Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Tawny Owls are back!

Last night when working in the garden at dusk (10pm!) I heard a familiar half-squeak, half-hoot coming from the big ash in the corner. Looking up I could see an owl fledgling, wings tucked, staring back at me.
I had seen the adult bird around once or twice recently & wondered whether any chicks would be seen soon.

As last year, two chicks. Fluffy, & fluttering from branch to branch, quietly "hooting". (Photos are from last year)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Caving - I don't fancy that!

To coincide with Ingleton's OvergroundUnderground festival ( we were invited to a free caving "taster", by Pam & Dave at Yorkshire Dales Guides. I've said "yes" to it, I tell Di; "You go" she says. Well it looks as if she enjoyed it!

We met with 6 others at their base near Stainforth, changed into caving gear, then drove to Selside & after a 15min waddle in wellies, past Alum Pot, we descended into Long Churn.
Dave soon put us at our ease, laughing & joking, but explaining what we were seeing & explaining the signs to watch out for too.

Time passed rapidly. After 2½hours we emerged into the evening light, having had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Back to the car & change into something dry (you do have to enjoy being a bit wet!) & off to the pub.

Dave & Pam are offering introductory & intermediate caving trips on Monday evenings until the end of August, see