Friday, 20 March 2015

Eclipse from Crooklands

High overcast cloud with a few small breaks or thinnings - which helped as it filtered the sun. And once it was over the cloud thickened with a spit in the air. So lucky!

Monday, 23 February 2015

"Thank you" to our guests from Yorkshire Air Ambulance

We have had a collection pot in our dining room/lounge since John's accident (a ladder fall in 2012) and a note in the room information files, supporting the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, who whisked him off to Preston to be stitched back together.

The Air Ambulance is an essential service to all of Yorkshire, but especially the rural areas where land ambulances may not access or would take too long to ferry people to hospital.

Anyway.. a phone call from the YAA rep who had spoken to Clapham WI & who had collected our tin. He just felt he had to pass it on. He said that most tins had £20-£30 in them, but ours had a whopping £123, including two £20 notes!

So, a big "Thank You!" to all our guests who have contributed, from YAA & from us too.