Sunday, 25 May 2014

OGUG & the weather

Ingleton's OvergroundUnderground festival ( always seems to be hit with wet weather, though in patches this weekend - that's the problem with holding it on a Bank Holiday weekend! Still, there's been plenty to enjoy & instruct & there's more on Monday & next year to look forward to.

As part of the festival, friends in Cold Cotes, a neighbouring hamlet opened their converted barn to show off Margaret's landscaping business & Kevin's watercolours & prints, many of the immediate area, including the iconic shape of Ingleborough. We have our eyes on one or two of his pictures. Look him up on

After getting home from that Jack & I set off for his walk. Well, my walk today. With Three-Peak guests in exhausting themselves on the 26 mile circuit of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside & Ingleborough,  & no chance of a long plod tomorrow or Tuesday, we'd better get a good one in today. So, we made the top of Ingleborough inside 70 minutes from home, faster than I've* ever done it, (*=dog assisted. 6 legs better than 2. Would be a lot slower without!) before or after accident. Then back home 2½hours after leaving it. Nice hot bath & a doze for Jack.

Views from the path down:

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wildflowers (& not so wild)

Last Thursday after guests had departed, and as no-one was due that night, we paid a visit to Parceval Hall, near Appletreewick - it's been on the list of things to do for ages.

Well WOW! The rhodedendrons there are fantastic! White to deep reds & all shades between. There's been a fine display of daffs, but they've been succeded by other bulbs, wisteria - Oh, just amazing displays.

Our own wisteria is just out & smelling lovely,

as is the azalea by the pond - a rich deep pink.

I walked back with Jack from the village up a little used track yesterday the primroses have given way to bluebells & other wildflowers:

And finally, there's the barn with a view. If there was ever a chance to live there (but...), this would be the place. A hazy day but you can still see a bit:

Wednesday, 7 May 2014