Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hen Harrier or Peregrine?

Back in April John went on a 'Forest of Bowland Festival' walk, looking for Hen Harriers & other birds, in the Leaburn valley. He didn't see any harriers then, but we think we did yesterday! (but they might have been Peregrine Falcons!)

Hen Harrier

The birds were quite distant & of course appeared just as John was trying to keep his feet dry, crossing the beck - and not succeding in either case - but the show they put on was worth getting his feet wet! Twisting & swooping, flying up together & turning as if passing something from one to the other, an amazing sight that went on for 10-15 minutes. Suddenly they swooped low over the valley, rose high then flew off in opposite directions & the show was over!

Images from RSPB. These birds were too distant to photograph.

And then - there was the heather, covering the hillsides, coating them in a furry, lilac, purple colour!