Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jubilee & the "Guerrilla" Beacon

Busy with guests, here for the Gaping Gill winch, or just getting away from it all (one couple escaping the TTs in the Isle of Man). Disappointing weather but it cleared on the Monday night for the lighting of Jubilee Beacons.

There was to be an "official" beacon for the area on top of Ingleborough, a gas-fuelled beacon, but several locals had decided that we should have one on Bowland Knotts - easier to get to too, road all the way! So with German guests we went up to that, enjoyed a warming & jolly couple of hours, spotting other beacons to north (Hawes area), south (Pendle) & west. Hot sweet coffee, whisky & damson gin added to the evening!