Thursday, 19 August 2010

3 peakers

Where to begin, life has been so busy, it is hard to believe it is over a month since we last blogged!

We have had a run of weekend guests who have all managed the 3 Peaks - yes, all 24.5 miles of it - in under 11 hours!
Our contribution has been to ensure they all had a full breakfast at about 6am to set them up for the day!

Equal admiration to the cyclists who seem to manage miles of extremely steep roads with such ease!

Craven Caving Club is setting up a winch to allow non-potholers to go down Gaping Gill. We hope to give it a go ourselves - sometime between 23rd and noon of 30th August is when the winch is available. The route up to Gaping Gill from Crooklands is certainly shorter than the walk from Ingleton, and is about the same distance as the walk up from Clapham.

There is quite a lot going on in the Dales over the next few weeks, so have listed some of them on our Things to Do

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