Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Jack arrived at Crooklands 2 weeks ago and is proving to be a welcome member of the family. He does "cute" well and is a hit with our guests! We have done a number of walks that we would otherwise have not got around to as a result of his arrival. The Ingleton Waterfalls Walk was his first outing, and it is a wonderful day out - there are several waterfalls on 2 rivers, and with the rain we have had, they are spectacular.
Last week, we took advantage of the wonderful sunny weather, and ventured up Ingleborough on consecutive days. The pillar holes, (potholes) are really worth seeing - with heather, ferns and rowan growing up through them. Jack managed it all, chasing rabbits too!
Today Jack discovered our pond - he climbed the rockery and when trying to play with the plants around it, ended up falling in, which seemed to give him added energy, resulting in a mad charge around the garden and a huge game with the towel.

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