Sunday, 5 February 2012

February Snow

Several days of lovely crisp, cold, clear weather have given the chance for long walks out in the fresh air. Here we repeated part of our Christmas day walk, at the top of Crummackdale but in totally different conditions. Then it was pouring, horizontal rain; now crisp & clear & seeing for miles.

Another day, it was up to Little Ingleborough, through 2-3" of snow, but going no further as the summit was in cloud & time late.

And today, after another snowfall of 2½", a walk through the fields between Newby & Cold Cotes, with Jack off the lead & chasing madly to & fro, practicing the "Come!" call. It's a joy to see him at full stretch!

Now, the temperature must be just above freezing, signs of a thaw are all about. The snow, still white is turning slushy, but there are still lovely things to see. And, no doubt, the top of Ingleborough will still be covered & picturesque for some time to come.

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