Friday, 20 July 2012

Bleak Bank Farm Eggs

Bleak Bank Farm Eggs

We get our eggs from bleak Bank Farm, the farm whose fields surround us. John & Judith Dawson have handed over the keeping of hens & the egg business to their son William, or as John jokingly says, "I pay for the feed & William takes the money!". He is a keen young farmer & has full responsibility for the hens as well as a small flock of rare breed sheep.

This is what William has to say about his hens:

"We've kept hens at Bleak Bank for generations and little has changed in the way they are kept. All our 30 hens are able to roam about the farm every day. We don't keep battery (laying) hens; we stick to more traditional birds such as the Light Sussex and French Maran. I also keep a few Vorwerk as part of my passion for rare breeds. I hope you enjoy eating our eggs as much as our hens have enjoyed laying them".

Large Sussex

French Maran


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