Saturday, 26 January 2013

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

On October 15th 2012, the first day for weeks when it wasn't actually raining John decided that it would be a good day to try to at least complete the undercoat on the garage.

Ladders out, paintbrushes & paint, get on with the job. Give the paint a chance to dry before that evening's predicted showers.

Then John & the ladder parted company.

999 was called & within a few minutes paramedics were on the job. Diagnosing a broken thigh (we didn't know this, but a major artery runs behind the thigh bone & thus potentially a life-threatening injury), urgent transfer to hospital was required. The Air Ambulance was called. John was flown to Preston, the major trauma centre for the north-west.

Crooklands is not particularly remote but still air transfer was preferred over a normal ambulance. In the hills, air ambulance is a vital service and needs support.

Air Ambulances are entirely funded by charitable giving. They receive no government funding nor Lottery money. We have a collection box here. If anyone would like to donate, we  will forward any donations on.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is featured on “Helicopter Heroes” on BBC 1. There was a cameraman on board and its likely that we will feature in the next series starting in March 2013. Judging by the post-incident visits, much of our bit will centre on Jack who raised the alarm by barking continuously until Di came to investigate. Apparently he played up to the camera like a star!

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