Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wildflowers (& not so wild)

Last Thursday after guests had departed, and as no-one was due that night, we paid a visit to Parceval Hall, near Appletreewick - it's been on the list of things to do for ages.

Well WOW! The rhodedendrons there are fantastic! White to deep reds & all shades between. There's been a fine display of daffs, but they've been succeded by other bulbs, wisteria - Oh, just amazing displays.

Our own wisteria is just out & smelling lovely,

as is the azalea by the pond - a rich deep pink.

I walked back with Jack from the village up a little used track yesterday the primroses have given way to bluebells & other wildflowers:

And finally, there's the barn with a view. If there was ever a chance to live there (but...), this would be the place. A hazy day but you can still see a bit:

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