Monday, 3 October 2011


This summer seems to have been cool & damp with only the odd fine sunny day, apart from the splendid weather of the last week. But it can't have been as bad as my memory suggests - the Clapham Community 'Give & Share' stall in the village (Saturdays 10-12) has seen plenty of fruit & veg, including potatoes from the village potato field, beans, apples, plums & quinces.

Our own veg plot has had successes & failures - not one gooseberry from 5 plants, only a few raspberries, very small beetroots & a handful of runner beans, but oh! the turnips have been magnificent!

The three community beehives here at Crooklands have also produced sufficient for us to share with them (the bees), producing nine pounds of delicious, delicately flavoured honey, whilst leaving them plenty to help feed them through the winter.

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