Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Homeowners Day at Gayle Mill

A day of illustrated talks about pre-1919 houses in the Yorkshire Dales with practical demonstrations & a walkabout to illustrate pointers to age and how each building has developed through time.
Gayle Mill started as a cotton mill in the late 18th century but was converted into a sawmill about 100 years later. Originally powered by a waterwheel, its first turbine was installed at conversion & this still ooperates the machinery - a 52inch circular saw and several lathes. For the full picture, go to - they do tours on the first Sunday of every month & at other times. They also have hands-on training days in several craft activities - as varied as knitting socks, to making gates!
So, what did I learn? How to look at our house in its own environment; what it is about our house that is specific to its position; and looking for date & status indicators, and how to maintain it into the future.
A really interesting day in a fascinating building, in a lovely setting overlooking Hawes.

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