Monday, 25 November 2013

October & November

Late October & November have seen warm & pleasant days, mixed with sometimes heavy showers, rainbows & spectacular sunsets. 

Now in late November the weather has turned colder and as a result of several frosty mornings, the farmers are busy emptying their slurry tanks over the fields. Not a day to put the washing out if you want it smelling sweetly of fresh air!

We have been treated to some wildlife treats:

  • a stoat, running down the wall in Cow Pasture, next to us
  • a woodpecker going about its business in the sycamore in the same field
  • our own private murmurations of starlings of countless numbers
  • flocks of lapwings, feasting on the fields
  • a kestrel inspecting us at low altitude
  • the resident bank vole scuttling around in the undergrowth

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