Thursday, 2 January 2014

Day Out

Lovely day today. 

Promise of showers from the 'Weather Channel' didn't materialise.

Clapham Beck was boiling & the falls by the church were spilling with white water after all the rain we've had recently.

Drove over to Settle with a friend staying from America & then on to Malham, over the moors. Good views of Malham Cove from distance & close up. Malham heaving with walkers - always a very popular spot.

Thence over the hills into Littondale & Wharfedale. Rivers full & waterfalls white & visible from afar. Upper Wharfedale is part of the Tour de France route - it'll be packed in July!

Turn left towards Hubberholme, the lanes get narrower, the road wetter. Must have flooded recently. Lovely little Dales Church at Hubberholme with pews by the Mouseman, tucked into the hillside.

Up the hill, pass the last hamlet & over the hills to Hawes, glimpsing back at a magnificent view of Ingleborough, dark against light sky, prominent nose facing west & with a cap of cloud, rays of sun slicing through the clouds to the east. Aaaarrrghh! why didn't I bring the camera?!

Wensleydale Creamery at Hawes. Presents for friends down south and a quick run back, via the Ribblehead Viaduct, just as a train was coming over it - a good day out!

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